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Transportation Coordinator
Dawn DeVico, 609-465-1800, ext. 5811, e-mail – [email protected] 

Assistant Transportation Coordinator
Colleen Vivarina, 609-465-1800, ext. 5520, e-mail – [email protected] 

Transportation Contact and Transportation Secretary
Maria Sgrignioli, 609-465-1800, ext. 5810, e-mail – [email protected]

Transportation Waiver

Parents/Guardians may waive the right to have Middle Township Public Schools provide transportation for their child(ren). A Transportation Waiver Form must be completed and returned to the District School Business Administrator.

Transportation Waiver Form 

School Bus Rules

School bus service is maintained to provide transportation to and from school for all eligible students, efficiently and safety.

Your bus driver is responsible for the personal health and welfare of all passengers on the bus. All rules must be followed at all times, so the driver can concentrate on the roads.

It is our District Policy that all Elementary #1 and Elementary #2 students will be let off at the prearranged residence or location, where and when a parent, adult guardian or responsible party is present.  Anyone other than parent or guardian must be approved by your students main office.  Parent, guardian or designated person must be out and visible for the driver to drop student off.


Riding the bus is a privilege. The following rules must be observed at all times.

  1. The bus driver shall be in full charge of the bus at all times; each driver is required to report any infractions to the building principal on the form provided. (18A:25-2)
  2. All students must be at their assigned stop and visible to the bus driver. Busses will not wait for students not at stop.
  3. Please allow approximately 10 minutes before or after designated scheduled times for bus to arrive.
  4. All Elementary students must have a parent, guardian, or designated person to receive them off of the bus. School Bus Drivers will NOT allow Elementary students off without such person.
  5. No smoking shall be allowed on any bus, at any time, including and not limited to vapors, e-cigarettes, etc.
  6. No eating or drinking shall be allowed on the bus, except on trips. All buses must be kept clean with no paper, rubbish, food, etc., left to litter the bus.
  7. All pupils must be seated while bus is in motion and before starting and stopping. (6:21-4 (b))
  8. All pupils must properly wear seatbelts.
  9. Shooting paper wads, paper clips, or otherwise endangering anyone is strictly forbidden and cause for suspension.
  10. Nothing shall ever be thrown in or from a bus while standing or moving.
  11. The driver shall not permit pushing, shoving, fighting, or other disruptive behavior and shall report all incidents on form provided.
  12. No one shall be permitted to open or play with or abuse an exit door. The door may only be opened in the event of an emergency.
  13. No profanity or abusive language may be permitted.
  14. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, narcotics, amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, or other foreign substances shall be permitted on the bus.
  15. No animals shall be permitted on the bus.
  16.  Parents are not permitted to enter the bus without driver’s permission and may not ride on the bus unless approved as a chaperone.
  17. If seats are assigned, pupils must sit in assigned seats.
  18. Pupils may not be allowed to leave the bus, once they have entered, except at the regular stop, unless they have permission slips signed by a school official. All students must ride their assigned bus.
  19. Pupils must board and disembark at their assigned bus stop or be subject to disciplinary action.
  20. Pupils are not permitted to open or close windows without the bus driver’s permission.
  21. Pupils are not permitted to have on the bus, knives, scissors, sticks, chukka sticks, nightsticks, or any other sharp or dangerous items, which could be used to do bodily harm.
  22. The use of Cell phones on the bus is prohibited. Students are not allowed to video or take pictures of other students or persons on the bus.

Any violation of these rules can result in disciplinary action.
*Any changes in pick up and drop off must be done through your student’s School Main Office.
*All pick up and drop off must be consecutive 5 days a week in the AM and PM, absolutely no exceptions.


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